Commercial use:  

  • Allows more freedom to use GraphicSets in for-profit or fee-for-use materials
  • Higher resolution images may be available for some sets

Wanna make some money with your presentation or media project?  A commercial license for your GraphicSets images makes it safe and legal.  Further, we may have some higher-res versions of the images that we'd be glad to share with you.  


The fine print:

If you wish to use your GraphicSets images in products which will be sold or otherwise distributed for a fee which you will collect from users, you will need to purchase a commercial use license for your GraphicSets.  You must purchase a commercial license for every GraphicSet that you use in this way.  With a commercial use license, you may use your GraphicSets in for-profit media and fee-for-use materials.  The commercial license allows GraphicSets use in public presentations, print material, video, and social media.  A commercial license is NOT a distribution license. You may not share or sell your GraphicSets or GraphicSets images.  A commercial license is a license to use GraphicSets in your for-profit media. Copyright and image ownership remain the property of christopher congdon and tower steps graphics. 

Buying a commercial license is easy:

  • first, buy the basic GraphicSet from our shopping page
  • second, at the bottom of the shopping page, click item #9999 Commercial License Request.  Add to cart. Fill out the form. Pay the fee. Download the legal certificate, and you're good to go.

Note: the commercial license does not include the images - it is a legal certificate, only.  To get the images, you must first purchase the GraphicSet with basic use license.  Basic, non-profit license is included with your initial GraphicSet purchase price of $5.00 per set.  Commercial use license certificate is an additional charge of $45 per set.