Q. How does this work?

A. Select Graphic Sets for your shopping cart.  When you check out, you will be sent (email) a link to download each of your Graphic Sets.  Links expire within 24 hours, so don't mess around.  Your download will be a zipped folder which will contain all of the images for your Graphic Set.  You will then extract (unzip) the folder and you'll be good to go.

Q. What are the resolution and aspect ratio of Graphic Sets?

A. 1920 x 1080.  16:9.  If you see something you like, but would like 4:3, 3:2, by all means, send an email - we can probably make it happen.


A. Sure.  Once you buy, you have the right to use them as often as you wish within the Terms and Conditions of Use.  Go ahead and build a library of GraphicSets for your church or organization and use them every Sunday.

Q. who owns the image(s)?

A. With this transaction, you purchase the right to use the image(s) as specified in terms and conditions.  You do not own the image and you have no copyright claims to the image.  If you wish exclusive use of an image, please email.  

Q. May I sell / resell the image?

A. Absolutely not.  You may not sell the image itself.  If you use Graphic Sets images in products that you wish to sell (books, pamphlets, videos, etc.), you must purchase a commercial license.  

Q. May I share my Graphic Sets with my friends?

A. No.  Tell them to buy their own - they’re cheap.    

Q. C'mon Man, why can't I share them?

A. For me to continue to make Graphic Sets available, and to produce new ones, this has to be profitable.  People using Graphic Sets without paying for them, isn't profitable.    

Q. Do I have exclusive use of the images?

A. No. Graphic Sets images are available to all purchasers, unless other arrangement is reached.  Exclusivity can probably be arranged, but it should not be assumed, and it will carry a price tag.