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GraphicSets are a pack of images for you to use as visual backgrounds for your presentation or worship service.  In each Graphic Set, you’ll get at least three background images including:

  • a feature screen
  • a hymn/music title screen,
  • a text blank 

every GraphicSet includes:

A Feature Image

worship graphic GraphicSet feature sample

use this photo as a visual theme, a point of meditation, or as a "safe" screen for your tech crew

every GraphicSet includes:


worship graphic GraphicSet music title sample

let your congregation center themselves for singing by placing hymn number or title on this screen

every GraphicSet includes:


worship graphic GraphicSet text blank sample

which allows maximum space for your text overlay, while maintaining a visual connection to the other images

WHY USE Graphic Sets?

worship graphic GraphicSet sample rwb quilt

Churches of all sizes are using visual images to enhance the worship experience, but most smaller churches do not have big budgets to create or purchase compelling images. Sure, you can download something from Flickr or Google and stick it into your PowerPoint, but that's probably a violation of copyright law, and honestly, free pictures look like free pictures.  GraphicSets can give your worship services a coherent, cohesive, professional look without breaking the bank. Your church has spent good money on your video system, don't cheapen it with a lousy graphic presentation.  For just a few bucks you can get a pack of background images that will make your worship team look like heroes.  Graphic Sets are designed to work well in all types of presentation software from PowerPoint and Google Slides to professional worship software like Media Shout, Pro Presenter and Easy Worship.