rock on!

rock on!


Product:  a rock

Description:  it's a rock

Accessories:  none

sizes and colors:  vary

I’m seeing all over the internet how Nordstrom’s has SOLD OUT of their rocks-in-pouches things.  As I am already set up for e-commerce, and I know where there’s a bunch of rocks, I’d be happy to send you one.  Those highfalutin rocks from the glamour store would have cost you between 65 and 80 bucks, but mine are only $40 a piece, and they won’t come with one of those stupid leather pouches … I mean… what IS that?  My rocks are on the small side and I cannot guarantee that you’ll receive any particular color or type, but I CAN guarantee that they’re real authentic, un-polished, un-painted, un-pouched, just-as-God-made-em rocks.  Buy more than one and I’ll knock five bucks off of each.  

As no two rocks are the same, the rock you receive will probably not look like this picture.  I hope you don't expect too much.  It's a rock.  But you'll be able to brag to your friends how much you saved over the fancy-pants rocks at the designer store.  

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