I'll produce your worship slides

Are you out of time to get 'em done by Sunday?  Choose a Graphic Set, send me your text and order of worship and I'll send back a package of worship projection slides, named in-sequence so you just import the whole batch into PowerPoint, Media Shout, whatever.  They'll already be in order.  

  • In by Tuesday, out by Friday = $25
  • In by Wednesday, out by Friday = $35
  • In by Thursday, out by Friday = $ 40
  • In by Friday, out by Saturday = $ 50
  • In by Saturday, out by .... c'mon, get your act together.

video production

Video producers grow on trees these days, and I'm hangin' out here on the branches, too.  I can do it all or just parts - script writing, shot planning, shooting, editing, etc.  Got a project?