Terms and Conditions (T&C) for use of Graphic Sets images

Basic Use License is Non-Profit / Non-Fee

Included in your GraphicSets purchase is a Basic Use License which allows you to use your GraphicSets images in not-for-profit and not-for-fee projects.  A commercial use license which allows GraphicSets images to be used in for-profit and fee-for-use media is available for an additional licensing fee.  

Legal uses of your graphic set:  

In purchasing GraphicSets, you have purchased a license to use the images in the GraphicSet accordance with these Terms and Conditions.  

live multi-media presentations: GraphicSets are intended to be used for placement into Power Point, Google Slides, MediaShout, ProPresenter (& similar) presentation software.  With this purchase you have the right to use the GraphicSets images in a public presentation in a house of worship or other venue without admission charge to the event.  

video recordings: You may also use your GraphicSets images in recordings of the live event, provided the recordings are distributed free of charge and not sold / resold.  Further, you may add these graphics to your event recording in post-production editing.  Videos of your presentation which include your legally-purchased GraphicSets images, may be posted online for free, public, unrestricted distribution on video hosting platforms such (but not limited to) facebook and vimeo, or your own website.   You may also share these videos on social media platforms, as long as you do so free of charge.

collateral/promotional materials: GraphicSets images may be used as bulletin / program cover art for events which use the same graphic sets as projection/presentation artwork.  GraphicSets images may be used in media to promote your event.

social media promotions: You may use your legally-purchased GraphicSets images to promote your event on social media platforms, provided you A) place promotional text onto the image before posting it online and B) make no claim to of ownership of the base, GraphicSets image.  

re-use: Once purchased, you may re-use your GraphicSets images as often as you wish.  Your license to use GraphicSets does not expire.  

sharing GraphicSets: GraphicSets are licensed to the purchaser and the purchaser's organization, only.  Do not share your GraphicSets.  It will be a violation of these terms and conditions, and therefore a violation of the copyright, for a non-purchaser to use Graphic Sets images.  

basic v. commercial license:  If your live-presented event, and all collateral material is to be distributed free of charge for spiritual or educational use, the basic GraphicSets license applies.  If your live-presented event will be recorded for subsequent sale, and collateral/related materials which contain GraphicSets images are prepared for sale or resale, or if users of said materials will be charged for their use, then commercial licensing applies.    

 Non-church use:  

The original idea of graphic sets was for their use as background graphics in worship presentations; however, you may wish to use them for other purposes.  Non-profit organizations (gotta be legit, here), and students are also welcome to use graphic sets in their charitable and educational presentations and recordings of said presentations.  

Print media:  

GraphicSets are intended for live presentation and video work.  GraphicSets are not intended to be used as stock photography for print media.  Image resolution will probably be insufficient for high-end print processes.  If you wish to use an image for print media, please contact us by email, we may have a high-res version.   

Image ownership / Copyright ownership:

In purchasing GraphicSets, you have the right to use the images as specified in these terms and conditions, but you have NOT purchased the copyright to the images, and you have NOT purchased ownership of the images.  Copyright on all images in GraphicSets and ownership of the images themselves remains the property of the photographer and creator, Christopher Congdon.    

Illegal uses of your graphic set:

Misrepresenting yourself as the creator of the images in GraphicSets is a violation of copyright law.   Do not share your GraphicSets. You have purchased a license to use GraphicSets images in YOUR presentations - you are NOT authorized to distribute them to others.  Your license for basic or commercial use does NOT authorize you to distribute GraphicSets outside of the videos, recordings, or collateral material which contain them.  You are not authorized to share, sell, or resell any images contained in GraphicSets.  Graphic Sets images, and the legal right to distribute same, are the sole property of the photographer and creator Christopher Congdon.  


Corporate / commercial use is allowed with the purchase of a commercial-use license.    Corporate use is considered to be any use not strictly personal, religious, educational, or non-profit.  Commercial use includes any instance of GraphicSets images being used in any product intended for sale, including religious and educational products.  Commercial use also includes any inclusion of GraphicSets images in fee-for-use materials, whether for profit or not.  The commercial license fee is relatively small, so if you're charging admission, or charging for use of collateral materials, or if you're charging for recordings of your event, cough up a few bucks for the commercial license and make it legal.  


Enforcement of T&C:  

Please understand that GraphicSets are one of the ways we make our living at TowerSteps Graphics, so we have to take enforcement seriously.  In the case of a violation of these Terms and Conditions, we reserve the right to terminate without refund your license to use GraphicSets images, and additional legal action may pursued.  Please read and understand the T&C.  If you have any questions at all, send us an email.  We want you to be absolutely clear on what you can and cannot do with your GraphicSets.  

These Terms & Conditions are subject to periodic review and update.  Current T&C will always be posted here on this page of this website.  Latest revision Feb 06, 2016.  

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